Why you need to register

Guests need to register to get full access. Please use Register button at the top.
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Why you need to register

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No philosophic story here.

A registered membership is required to access the essential part of the forum. Guests (non members) are not able to see the most interesting sections; they are hidden.
It is like to be in private space amongst friends, you really don't need every passerby to see what you're drinking, to hear what you're talking about. This forum tries to be such private space.

Registering membership is also a way to raise a threshold, trying to preserve the forum for those who show serious interest.
Once when you are a member, you are entitled to enter all forum categories and have full possibility to enjoy yourself: ask questions, participate discussions and share pictures of your precious eggs.
When your interest is fading, you just cancel your membership and we say goodbye.

Departure can be forced when a member does not behave according rules.
The forums administrator has the right to cancel one's membership.

Before registering please read this topic viewtopic.php?p=8#p8
Just cut it!
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