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Welcome to the Thunderegg Fan Forum.
A new Forum (or Board if you want to name it like that), just for thunderegg related subjects, does that make sense? Aren't there ways enough to talk thundereggs? Isn't a forum an oldfashioned way to communicate?

I was a member of a well known social media thunderegg group for years. Many interesting thunderegg pictures and discussion came by, but I started to dislike the ads, cats, political issues etc. that were forced upon me more and more. And I missed the opportunity to read back discussions. Blogs, social media, they stink as a database.
I yearned for the forums I once contributed to.
So, I decided trying something new in an old fashioned way. The desire is not to build a forum with high numbers of members (of which most do not contribute ...). I am aiming for high quality regarding information and pictures. I guess I do want to remove a bit of trash once in a while and delete members who do not show interest in contributing by posting shareworthy information. Don't worry, I will not be harsh. :D

Registration will be necessary to view and participate in essential forum sections. Guests (non members) are not able to see the interesting part of the Thunderegg forum. This is not meant as teasing, but for trying to create a shielded place where members can communicate without thinking that just everyone in the worldwideweb peeks. Ofcourse there are rules in this forum (you are able to read about them in another post). Most important are "Be nice" and "Post thunderegg related info only, in the right (sub)category".

Right, hope you eggheads will register and enrich our community.

Admin Rob.
Just cut it!
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